Brain: the ultimate enactive interface?

{a posteriori: Brain: the ultimate enactive interface?}  Eshofuni@TheAbyss is a multidisciplinary project/performance embracing art, communication design and programming, that proposes an approach towards real-time representation of brain phenomena in performative art contexts using brain-computer interface. The Abyss is an ecologic system inhabited by entities and constituents with graphic and sonic forms — inspired by creatures that form the plankton phenomenon (e.g., zoids) — that interact between themselves and with Eshofuni qua performer ́s avatar. (…)

A paper* and a performance presented @ INTER-FACE: International Conference on Live Interfaces 2014

Horácio Tomé-Marques, Tiago Ângelo, João Menezes
and Bruce Pennycook and Miguel Carvalhais

*ISBN: 978-989-746-060-9

(…) allowing the set to denote the performer’s brain processes generated and conditioned within this environment by realtime and longitudinal statistics (e.g., real-time retrieving iterated with analysis, segregation and cumulation) applying filtering (band and multiple order) and Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT).

Entities that inhabit the Abyss — e.g., zoids, salps — have their own independent and interactive life. Different entities are connected with different clusters of the brain metaphor (i.e., Eshofuni — which also is an entity that inhabits the Abyss). Evolution hap- pens when specific clusters of the brain are triggered by events that happen on this eco- system. When spectral and oscillation patterns related to brain complex specific pro- cesses — e.g., emotions — are detected the system denotes this phenomena by changes in the representation(s) (the all metaphor). This evolution can be characterized by recodification of color, changes (complexification) of forms, sounds, or whatever inventive representation we think of as far as it fulfils our purpose and criteria.

[please see more @ INTER-FACE conference. Proceedings soon available]