The oscillations of trust!

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

{this is not a post} One day I and two friends exchanged a conversation where we discussed the “probability” that we, humans, are a kind of immortal souls that can return to physicality and, as such, our age could be different from the bodies that host us. So, some could be “old” souls that are already around for sometime.

I don’t know (remember…) my real age in that approach, but I might be able to assure that when I go deep in my memories I remember that our history always tells us that every single thing that we do to the other will, sooner or later, hit us, return to us — undoubtedly!

But it is not that aspect that, in my point of view, is the most relevant. Free will is probably what makes us unique, but that extraordinary Gift also asks for responsibility (a cosmic one, I might say).

Indeed it is not necessary to go by that way of insight. I can assure with some confidence that my now 55 years of the biological essence* — the one that hosts me today —, taught me many things about not only possibilities, but also about de facto contingencies. And at least in my experience, I can assure that things like breaking the Trust of those who trust us is definitely something that only brings us long-term concern and unease. It is like to keep the tension in a music without resolving it… releasing it. That is, keeping the alignment of harmonics impossible!

Of course I did — and, gosh, I still do — many serious mistakes and bad things. But I also try, almost every single day, to be a better human. That means that I try, also everyday, to heal the wounds that I eventually opened in the others, directly, when I can, or through acts such as helping someone or, as other modest examples, disseminate ideas about life, friendship, goodness, solidarity, love…

As I referred Free will is an extraordinary Gift and of course it is up to us what to decide and when taken, any decision, it must be respected… but contrary to what many suggest, it is never too late to rethink options and reverse things (…decisions)!

Friendship grows as the beings share ideas, confidences, worries and joy… up to secrets! But the bond — what makes friendship unbreakable — is Trust.

Horácio {Tomé Marques}

* being, in this sense, older than humans of your biological age does not mean that I am better than them or I am able to give lessons in life to them… Indeed doing that brings some discomfort. But I feel I must share these words as a being who cares about them!