Hear ma, With Hands!…

I started playing guitar at age 14, with a guitar bought by my parents to a friend who gave me some tutorials, but in painting, not in music. My involvement with this instrument is a story of passion, far beyond any reason. It’s a story that I will share with more detail later.

Horácio, Variable Guitar 1, 2

{photos by André Carvalho}

Here are, meanwhile, three links to three projects in which I use to participate and that I love — because of different reasons and missions (with some samples and more photos):

• {Guitarras Variáveis, Experimetal Guitar}
• {Toque De Caixa, New Traditional}
• {Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Santo Tirso, Guitar Fest}

And another one, a Youtube channel, which hosts some old videos, recently recovered from some of my participation on National Portuguese Broadcast Television in the 80s. Some of them are related to my record of 1989, Horácio, Adventure in the Sun and the Moon.

• {Horácio, Guitar, 80s}

Horácio, Xperimetal Prepared Microtonal Guitar

Horácio, Xperimetal Prepared Microt{uo}nal Guitar.
Future Places, 2011.