The pleasure of discovery


{this is not a post} In the last creative summer illustration workshop — Experimental Illustration — at Faculty of Engineering of Porto, an workshop by Jeanne Stern, one of the students group have directed and produced a very creative and successful stereo animation based on chromatic occlusion (anaglyph) through which they explored a kind of power-of-thinks and persons that could disappear…

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Saltos no escuro ou ex qualquer coisa?


{isto não é um post} Não deixa de ser interessante que muitas das pistas deixadas por nós (no passado ou no presente, e com maior ou menor relevância), a partir das quais podemos inferir linhas de pensamento e possíveis conclusões, nos falem, a rodo, sobre a capacidade “intrigante” que é o raciocínio abstracto, a imaginação para além da própria realidade visível e palpável (mesmo que baseada nesta), a permanente “sensação” de vivermos com “mundos paralelos”, por perto…

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Automatization, homogeneity and heterogeneity


{this is not a post} I had to begin this “new” site with an insight about writing, because the main purpose of it is exactly about that: write. My native language is portuguese. Like any other language an extraordinary abstract conceptualization of a means to communicate between each other. I know that my english is crap. Nevertheless I will write many of my “un posts” because I feel I am faster on synthesis when I write in english.

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Hi!… instead of hello?


Welcome to my insights on human phenomena… be them rational, emotional, visual, verbal, sonorous, explicit or implicit!

On this (re)new pages I will write —and I will transcribe texts I have been writing on the last 30 years— about how human species challenges my intelligence, definitely!